TL:DR Destroy the incoming meteors, build recycling stations, then build shields. Recycle 50 units of Fe resources to win.

Submission for Brackeys Game Jam 2021.1

Theme: Stronger Together

Due to climatic changes, the Earth has become uninhabitable. A part of humanity managed to escape. Scientists have discovered a planet with a suitable climate. Now the ships of the remnants of civilization are flying through the asteroid belt. The belt is rich in resources that are vital to collect. But one of the ships was pulled by the gravitational anomaly of one of the asteroids and fell on it. It seemed that the ship was lost. And without the resources that the ship had to collect, the colonizers will not be able not only to survive in the new star system, but even reach it.

The astronaut from the crashed ship came to his senses and found that almost all of the ship's systems were in a working state: the disintegrator, the engine and the construction system were still functioning. The ship, however, is stuck in the bowels of the space debris and it is impossible to undock from the asteroid. Moreover, the asteroid started moving and colliding with other asteroids after the collision with the ship. These collisions bring discomfort to the astronaut. And quite literally, as if these meteors were falling on his own head. After refocusing the disintegrator on the space in front of the asteroid, the astronaut began to destroy the flying meteors. It felt better. The astronaut felt better physically. It was strange, but effective.

The destructible meteors flying towards the asteroid contained the materials necessary for the onward journey to another solar system and for the construction of a new home. The astronaut immediately began to use them to build factories that can process pure material into workable material. The resulting materials could be used to build shields to cover an accidental fellow traveler - the asteroid, which for some reason began to feel like a part of the astronaut's body.

Developers: tab1bit0, kartsan

Icon and translation: deseven

Text: anatolt

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